<h1>CDO Certified Public Accountants</h1> <p>Colleagues of DGST R&eacute;viseurs d'Entreprises<br> Independence, expertise and personal contact <br><br> Our auditor partnership was established in 2000, and counts 6 branches and 7 auditors. We offer extensive experience in:<br> - (Statutory) auditing of financial statements, including for international purposes<br> - Legal assignments and legal expertise<br> - Small and medium-sized enterprise consultancy: accountancy, valuation, restructuring, tax and corporate law <br> Since 2009 we cooperate with our French-speaking colleagues of DGST R&eacute;viseurs d'Entreprises.<br> For questions about international matters we can count on our European network. <br><br> The profession of Statutory Auditors in Belgium is established by law. Company Law, other laws and regulations, both federal and regional, charge the auditor with specific certification assignments. <br><br> Larger companies and associations are legally required to appoint a statutory auditor. Smaller and medium-sized enterprises and associations can do so if they deem it useful. </p> <h2>Freddy Caluwaerts</h2> <p>Tutor in Company Law, Company Tax and International Standards on Auditing<br> Auditor since 1981 <br><br> Member of various Committees of IBR</p> <h2>Luc De Puysseleyr</h2> <p>Bachelor in Accountancy<br> Bachelor in Programming<br> Bachelor in Taxation<br> Ratification by the National College of Accountants of Belgium<br> Auditor since 1985 <br> Member of the Supervisory Committee of IBR since 2000<br> Member of the Council of IBR (2001-2010)<br> Member of various Committees of IBR</p> <h2>Luk Ostyn</h2> <p>Master of Laws, K.U.L.<br> Master in Notarial Studies, K.U.L.<br> Bacc. Business Economics, K.U.L.<br> Master in Accountancy, EHSAL<br> Auditor since 1996 <br><br> Member of the Legal Committee of IBR since 2004<br> Member of various Committees and Technical Workgroups of IBR</p> <h2>Etienne Lelie</h2> <p>Auditor since 1986</p> <h2>Carine Ballet</h2> <p>Master in Applied Economics: Business Administration, Option Finance, K.U.L.<br> Auditor since 1996 </p> <h2>Wery Mercken</h2> <p>Master in Applied Economics, K.U.L.<br> Graduate of the College of Taxation<br> Auditor since 1990</p> <h2>Ignace Vanderstichele</h2> <p>Master in Applied Economics, K.U.L.<br> Auditor since 1990</p>

CDO Certified Public Accountants